Bellforge Arts Center

The Bellforge Arts Center – a regional multi-arts complex being built on the grounds of the former Medfield State Hospital – offers concerts, festivals, and community events, plus access to more than 200 miles of nature trails and outdoor recreation space. It’s rare to find a place in our state with this magnificent array of features that can deliver truly transformational community benefits.

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Our mission, vision, and values

Rooted in nature and a legacy of healing, the Bellforge Arts Center nurtures community, creativity, and self-expression through the arts. Our multi-arts and outdoor recreation destination will strengthen access to the arts and arts education in our community, encourage health and wellness through creative exploration and connection to the land, and foster a strong sense of collaboration, community, and inclusion for families who are currently underserved in MetroWest.

Bellforge Events

Bellforge has blossomed into a vibrant cultural hub, with a diverse array of live music, theater, dance, wellness/fitness programs, and activities for children. Our unwavering commitment to accessibility is exemplified by offering 95% of our events free of charge, ensuring that art remains accessible to everyone.

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