Filmed At The ‘Forge highlights recent music videos filmed at Bellforge Arts Center.
Get to know the artists, the creative process, and what they’re up to next!


Filmed At The ‘Forge highlights recent music videos filmed at Bellforge Arts Center. Get to know the artists, the creative process, and what they’re up to next!


Neemz is an independent Boston based multi-creative artist who transcends more than just geographical borders; seamlessly blending the worlds of fashion, music, film, photography, and modeling. With every element, Neemz tells a beautiful story on self-love, self-discovery, self-awareness and spirituality. Every record she puts out shows her versatility and range with deep meaning and accompanied by incredible sonics leading her audience to a greater purpose.

Neemz released her first independent debut EP ‘IT’S ABOVE ME’ last fall with her distribution partners at Empire. She has been featured in the “Gender Bending Fashion Exhibit” at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, been the first featured hijabi model for Bodega: Nike × Mathew Williams Collection, featured in Converse Holiday campaigns, Nike Campaigns and more. Neemz is also an All Star Converse and has had the opportunity to model for their national & global campaigns. She also created custom shoes for Converse, ‘Taste of Home’ shoes which were available for sale on the Converse site for a limited time.

She has been the supporting act for IDK, Rico Nasty, Big Freedia, J.I, Converse All Star shows and more. This past summer she had the opportunity to be the supporting act for Lancey Foux & Skepta at her first music festival in Montreal, Canada. The stage is set for 2023 and beyond for Neemz as she continue to break barriers with her music as a Palestinian American artist who’s creating her own lane.

Filmed at Bellforge Arts Center in Medfield, MA
Creative Director: Neemz
Director: Simon Morrison

Bellforge: Talk us through the creative idea and process behind your music video.

Neemz: I wanted to visually tell a story of the way we, as a society sometimes are truly blinded to the norms that we set. The visual represents the feeling of being guided to change or speak up, in order to bring a new perspective on life which can come with a shift in our personal environments and relationships. I used red yarn to showcase the attachments we have to these norms and as the video progresses, I begin to awaken myself, gaining consciousness to push through to make it to the other side and releasing myself from the red yarn, my old attachments, jobs and friends to grow.

What first got you into music?

I’ve always been a writer and a lover for music, as a multidisciplinary artist I have always been a visual creative but seeing friends in the community doing music sparked my interest to try it out for myself.

​Who inspired you to make music?

There isn’t one person in particular that inspired me to make music but I think I felt a need to voice myself and my emotions, especially as someone who’s representation was lacking in the industry. I felt modeling and photography by itself wasn’t enough to speak my mind and music was the way to create art in a form of conversation.

​How would you describe the music that you typically create?

I create meaningful music, by that I mean I speak on personal experiences that I face/faced but incorporate affirmations that help me and many others heal in a positive way. With every element, I aspire to tell stories on self-love, self-discovery, self-awareness and spirituality.

​What excites you the most about Bellforge Arts Center?

That there will be a space where art can truly live and inspire creatives whilst also being a hub where talent meets opportunity for more collaborations to happen within the community.

​Why is a space like Bellforge Arts Center important?

As an independent artist, I know what it’s like to have ideas/visions but having a lack of resources to be able to execute them. Having a place like Bellforge Arts Center has helped me use their space in bringing my vision to life for my recent music video “Guidance”. I’m forever grateful as it’s one of my favourite visuals to date! It’s very important to me for my community to have spaces like this for young creatives to excel.

What’s on the horizon for you in 2023?

2023 is looking real special, more music, more art and more shows! If you haven’t caught me live, this is the year!